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Team Building Ideas

We have lots of great team building ideas available ranging from fun activities like the Cube and Family Fortunes to some more active options like Sports Day and Treasure Hunt. Here is a list of our most popular team building activities.

Our most popular team building activities

1. The Cube Challenge

The Cube Challenge is our most popular activity for team building or other events like birthday parties. It lasts about 2 hours and normally takes place during the day in Lola Montez Nightclub which is located in Sligo Town Centre. The Group is split into two teams with both competing to be Cube Champions. There are several challenges that teams will have to complete with some seen on the famous TV programme. Some of the challenges are memory based, some are speed based and others are more balance based. None of the challenges are really physical. The venue has full bar facilities and canapes can be arranged for the party as well.  

2. Old School Sports Day

If you are looking for something a bit more active, then the Old-School Sports Day is a great option. Do you remember how fun it was doing the community games years ago!. This activity usually takes place indoors in one of the sports centres around town and lasts 1 hour in total. We can arrange food and a reserved area in some of our partner venues in town afterwards.

3. Family Fortunes

Ever looked at the game-show and wish you were there? Family Fortune is one of our most popular team-building activities. The minute you walk in, our game-show host Microphone Mike will have your group entertained for about 1.5hrs – 2hrs (depending on group size). Lots of challenging fun questions with teams competing to get into the finale quick-fire round. There are also lot’s of spot prizes & penalty tasks throughout. There is the opportunity to personalize some of the questions which can be really fun and can go down really well with groups!.

4. Celebrity Juice


If you are looking for one of the most fun-based activities, they don’t come much better than Celebrity Juice. It does not fail in getting everyone in stitches laughing throughout. It lasts approx 1.5hrs and involves a range of fun games, some seen on the famous TV show by Keith Lemon.

5. Other team Building activities

There are lots of other team-building activities that are available such as 

  1. Treasure Hunt
  2. Dodgeball
  3. Crystal Maze
  4. Cocktail Masterclass
  5. Casino Night (3 tables – 2 Blackjack & 1 roulette) with 3 croupiers. Lasts for 3 hrs. 

Why do team building activities

1. Get to know each other better. Companies often find that employees only get to interact with each other within the work environment and do not get the opportunity outside of work. It’s hard to get to know your colleagues and what they really like. Team building nights provide a great opportunity for people to really get to know each other. Find out if you have shared interests in sports, where they went to college or are their kids the same age.  

2. Build bridges across departments. It allows people from different departments to get to know each other. You can interact with people you don’t often see. Long term employees and newer employees get an opportunity to develop new friendships and work associations. It can be a great networking opportunity for both senior and junior employees.

3. Improves staff morale and engagement. It allows staff to have fun instead of being stuck behind a computer all day. When companies encourage fun activities, employees are more likely to feel engaged. Team building activities can be a great way to allow people to meet people rather than communication via phone or email. 

4. Makes employees feel valued. Most jobs have some part that can be monotonous or sometimes boring. People want to work with a company that is fun and recognizes the need for activities outside of the workplace. Team-building is seen as one of the best ways to improve staff morale. 

5. Create a fun culture. Engagement and team building all contribute to a company’s culture. This can play a huge role in attracting and keeping top talent to a company. Many companies even use their team building activities in their recruitment efforts.

6. Encourages Teamwork.  Many of the top companies in the world use team building activities to encourage communication and collaboration in a new environment. Employees are put into teams and given various scenarios ranging from having to uncover an FBI spy ring to having to escape from a locked conference room full of clues. These situations force employees to think on their feet and work together, which translates back to what they do at work.